Literacy Learning in Migrants' Homelands


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implications implicações выводы

At the turn of the last century, migration and war promoted a rise in mass literacy as the European peasantry learned to write letters (Lyons, 2013). What kinds of new literacy learning result from the current moment of mass migration? And how does such learning matter? This project answers these questions. In doing so, it offers educators, policy makers, and literacy scholars a community-based model of transnational digital literacy learning, relevant not only for those who migrate, but also for those who stay put.

book project projecto de livro проект книги

Literacy Learning in Migrants' Homelands, in preparation

invited talks palestras приглашенные ддоклады, сделанные мной по приглашению
  • “Immigrant Literacies in Homelands and Host Countries.” Language 
     atters Faculty Lecture Series, The Language Institute, Spring 2015, UW Madison. 
  • "Host-country and Homeland Literacies: How Papers Matter to Transnational Migrants in a Digital Age.” Educational Policy Studies Conference, Spring 2014, UW Madison. 
  • "Homeland Literacies: What Transnational Family Communication Practices can Teach us About Writing.” Featured speaker, The Watson Conference, University of Louisville, Fall 2014. 
  • “A Materialidade da Literacía nas Vidas Transnacionais: Uma Perspectiva através de Dois Projetos Etnograficos.” University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, Fall 2014.
  • “Writing Remittances.” Summer seminar in Transnational Literacies. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Summer 2013. 

conference presentations palestras em conferências презентации на конференциях
  • “The Materiality of Transnational Communication: Case studies from Brazil and Latvia.” Writing Research Across Borders, Paris, France, Spring 2014. 
  • Homeland Literacy Learning under Conditions of Brain Drain: A Case Study of Migrants’ Left-Behind Family Members in Latvia. Literacy Research Association. Marco Island, Florida, Fall 2014. Link to Paper, Under Roundtable
  • “Appropriating New Communication Technologies in Migrants’ Home Communities: A Case Study from Brazil.” Association of Internet Researchers, Denver, CO, Fall 2013. 

associated grants subsídios associados грантовая поддержка
    • Vilas Associates Award for data collection in Madison, Wisconsin and analysis
    • Latin American and Caribbean Studies/U.S. Dept of Ed Research Travel Grant, University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, for data collection in Brazil 
    • University of Wisconsin Research Competition, for data collection in Latvia 
    • Spencer Foundation Small Grant, for analysis of Latvia data 

    publications publicações Публикации
    • On Brazil: 
      • "On the Social Consequences of Literacy.” Literacy in Composition Studies 1.1 (March 2013), 26-32. Access Here!  
      • “Writing Remittances: Migration-Driven Literacy Learning in a Brazilian Homeland.” Under review. 
    • On Latvia: 
      • "Literacy Learning in Migrants' Homelands: A qualitative study of 'brain gain' in Latvia.” Under review.